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Max Novak sorridente dopo la vittoria (screen da diretta FB pagina ufficiale Toppidrettsveka)

Cross-country skiing – Toppidrettsveka, Max Novak wins the 54 km TC! Astrid Auer Sland is dominant among women – Fondue Italy

there Toppidrettsvekaa summer cross-country ski competition today saw intense emotions through 54 km classic technique Disputed over roller skates in Norwegian land, more precisely Hetrawhich crowned the first winners: it Swede Max Novakranked first among men (and overall) with a time of 2:03:13.6, and Norwegian Astrid Auer Slendreached the finish line in 2:10:40.5 (61 absolute time trial).

When examining the men’s competition, we note that Norway’s Gyoran Holstad Tiver is behind Novak (+1.8), followed by his compatriots Mikael Gunolfsen (+39.8) and Sivert Weig (+39.9). Fifth place is for Finn Ivo Niskanen (+40.1). The sixth Frenchman, Richard Goff (+40.2), Britain’s eighth Andrew Musgrave (+40.5), the latest result worth emphasizing, in light of the recent decision by Uk Sport to cut money off Nordic skiing in the UK.

Curiosity of: Peter Northog (38°, +2:53.0), a living legend of cross-country skiing in Norway, did better than Johannes Hosloft Klebo (40, +3:52.3), while Bernt Emil Venceras Ruggnes and Thomas Heine, both Norwegian standard-bearers, raised the white flag before the end.

Among the women, we said, Slend made a clear statement, dominating the race. In second place came Lotta Udnes Weng (+12: 11.2), in third place was Anne Kjersti Kalvå (+12: 11.7), for the entire Norwegian podium. 4th and 5th place for Swedes Ida Dal (+12: 21.1) and Frida Carlson (+14: 50.7).

They are in everything Twelve pink possibilities have reached the finish line At the end of the 54 km classic Toppidrettsveka technique. Yes I, instead, Retires French Dauphin Claudel and the quintet from norway Composed by Maya Kieros Moland, Ida Ramstad, Mathilde Fossum-Bjorge, Tyra Surtasluken and Engfield Marie Hugh Pratley.

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