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Covit, Italy reopens to tourists, pass for travel |  Vaccines in companies from the second half of May: the protocol is coming

Covit, Italy reopens to tourists, pass for travel | Vaccines in companies from the second half of May: the protocol is coming

After reclaiming the yellow areas and being allowed to return to the cinema, theater, museum and even dinner, the government continues its strategy of reopening, albeit only outside, until June 1, when tourism is a key feature to restart the country.

The pass will therefore take effect on May 15, with the European Pass coming into effect in mid-June, aimed at providing clear and simple rules to ensure maximum security for those wishing to come to Italy. But what about the bass foreigners? This is the line already indicated in the current order for “green certificates” that allow Italians to move between areas of different colors: the certificate of vaccination, with two doses and only with vaccines approved by the EMA, with a certificate of cure or a cloth with negative results from the previous 48 hours. There will be a meeting of health ministers at the EU level to standardize the procedures and duration of certification of various countries, but it has already become clear that we will start with paper documents on May 15 and then go into use with the Green Pass and the European Technology Base, which will be tested for the first time on May 10.

Opening tourism will force the government to review some of the rules currently in place. First, the order limiting entry to Italy for expatriates and expires on May 15: today there is an entry barrier, 5 days of segregation and a new repository for those coming from the EU, and the period of segregation is 14 days for those from other parts of the world who are barred from entering Italy – except Great Britain.

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The New Testament will exclude isolation for immigrants from the EU, but vaccines are also more advanced from the United States and Israel. However, the limits for blacklisted countries remain the same. The other novelty is about the curfew order now set for 10pm, an issue that will divide the majority and the government will address the coupon in mid-May. “The aim is to review the measures based on the course of the epidemics and I hope this action can be reviewed in the short term,” said Tourism Minister Massimo Caravaglia, who was satisfied with the outcome of the G20 meeting. .