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Covid, the JN.1 variant is growing.  That’s why it fuels the chain of infection.  What we know

Covid, the JN.1 variant is growing. That’s why it fuels the chain of infection. What we know

Rome, December 20, 2023 – No Variant of Covid JN.1 It ends up under the lens of virologists. Because even though it is “good,” it is just that “Immune vascularization”. This is how the professor from the University of Milan explains Fabrizio Brigliasco“, gives mild cases but, precisely for this reason, Feed Inflammatory cascade“In terms of numbers, we are close to the peak expected between Christmas and New Year, where it is estimated that coronavirus, influenza and other viruses will keep sick people at home. “About a million Italians”.

Covid, JN.1 variant increase (ANSA)

In particular, “Covid is underestimated. And also because today – explains Brigliasco – a large proportion of cases are asymptomatic or accompanied by “trivial” symptoms, producing patients who do not realize that they are “transmitters” or neglect the possibility of fueling the chain of infection” “Hence The concern comes about JN.1, a substrain of Sars-CoV-2 The World Health Organization (WHO) recently announced the variant of concern (You), separated from the “mother” Pirola BA.2.86.

“The WHO believes that JN.1, the ‘daughter’ of Perula (BA.2.86), is spreading faster, but instead it is like other variants,” he explains. Massimo Cicuzzi, Head of the Medical Statistics and Epidemiology Unit of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at the Biomedical Campus in Rome, who signed an Italian study on JN.1 with Fabio Scarpa from the University of Sassari. “She is no longer infectious, but rather has a mutation (L445S) located in the region of the Berula mutation – as she put it – at risk of infection.” Immune escape. Therefore, it must be well monitored and followed, but it is not more aggressive than previous Omicron variants.”

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The decision of the World Health Organization to “elect” JN.1 as an independent Voi “is nevertheless relevant – stresses the expert – because it relaunchs the importance of understanding that we as citizens can and must enjoy this new normal, recognizing the necessity of Paying attention to the fragile. In order to live this new normal in peace, we must protect them,” emphasizes Brigliasco.By vaccinating them, and taking a swab from them if symptoms appear so that they can use antivirals Which unfortunately few people use today, use the common-sense precautions we know. But above all, at the institutional level,” the WHO selection on JN.1 underlines that “it is necessary to keep the epidemiological and virological investigation machine active, which must remain at high levels.”