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NASA found two tomatoes missing in space after 8 months of searching, pictures

NASA found two tomatoes missing in space after 8 months of searching, pictures

NASA released a photo of missing tomatoes aboard the International Space Station after 8 months of searches (astronaut Frank Rubio was blamed for the disappearance). Here’s how 17% moisture affects your food

Although it has been almost a year since the tomatoes disappeared, the tomatoes were found in a dried and slightly crushed plastic bag. NASA astronauts recently made the announcement during a live event on the occasion of 25th anniversary of the International Space Station. These tomatoes were part of the crop of an experiment conducted on them International Space Stationknown as “Vegetables-05“, which studies crop growth in space. Other than some discoloration, they had no obvious microbial or fungal growth.

Here’s what Two small tomatoes Lost on the International Space Station in March 2022. Source: NASA

A “random” experiment.

It often happens to everyone that they do not find something in their homes, especially socks, which are always mismatched! The astronauts on board the International Space Station are no exception to this harsh law. Tomatoes went missing last March, when astronauts on the space station were given a certain amount of tomatoes to keep for themselves. It seems that astronaut Frank Rubio forgot that bag and left it floating And when he thought he would find it, there was nothing he could do: Apparently the tomatoes, for fear of being eaten, have been hiding in the deep recesses of the International Space Station. For his part, the astronaut always denied that he had harmed the poor vegetable, and strongly declared his innocence. And in fact… He was right!