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Covid, Bulgaria is ready to order beds from other countries.  Romania has increased restrictions, but vaccinations are on the quota

Covid, Bulgaria is ready to order beds from other countries. Romania has increased restrictions, but vaccinations are on the quota

The wave of infection continues in European countries with low vaccination rates. The epidemiological situation in some countries has become dire. over there Bulgaria He (just over 20% of the vaccinated population) has announced that he is about to send Covid patients abroad because the hospital system is now collapsing after the fourth wave of the pandemic. “Our capacity is exhausted in terms of medical personnel and ventilators, and we have to seek help abroad,” said the Bulgarian Minister of Health. Stoicho Katsarov On Nova TV, “If the pollution curve does not decrease within 10-15 days.” neighbor Romania – With just over 30% of the population vaccinated – he decided instead to increase restrictions.

health authorities in RussiaAs work activities were closed for 9 days by a decision of President Putin – 35,660 new cases of coronavirus were recorded. According to the data reported by TASS, the number of so-called active cases, in which patients receive medical treatment, has undergone noticeable increase, settles at 845.122. The number of victims is also still high, as 1072 deaths were recorded during the past 24 hours, compared to 1075 in the previous number. The total number of deaths since the beginning of the pandemic It is 230,600 with a mortality rate currently of 2.8%. The president again urged citizens to get vaccinated. It just exceeded the threshold of 33% of the vaccinated population.

Meanwhile, the weekly infection rate of coronavirus cases increased in Germany Every 100,000 residents this Sunday amounted to 106.3 cases. This is the first time since mid-May that the number of cases has been exceeded. The Robert Koch Institute In the past 24 hours, 13,732 new cases and 23 more deaths were verified across the country, for a total 4.46 million infections and 95,100 deaths since the beginning of the epidemic. It was also announced in the past few hours that Germany added Croatia NS Bulgaria to the list of high-risk countries, and specifying five days of quarantine for passengers who have not been vaccinated or cured of the disease from these countries. Croatia and Bulgaria join three other member states of the European Union (Romania, Lithuania, and Slovenia)a) that were already on this list, which includes 70 countries in total. In Germany, 66 percent of people have the full program. However, the German government is sticking to the relatively low number of inpatients to avoid imposing new restrictive measures. Over the past seven days, the hospitalization rate per 100,000 people has been 2.68.

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