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Covid, a nasal vaccine being studied in the US • TAG24

Covid, a nasal vaccine being studied in the US • TAG24

Medicine is always looking for new methods to fight Covid-19: the latest comes from the US, where a team of researchers is studying a nasal vaccine. The first results in the laboratory are promising, especially given the effectiveness against infections: the vaccine in question uses bacteriophages to stimulate a strong immune response of the mucus against the coronavirus variants.

How does the covid, nasal vaccine work?

In a study published in Su MbioThe open-access journal of the American Society for Microbiology reads how a team of US researchers is working tirelessly to develop a nasal covid vaccine: Scholars involved in the research Venigalla B. Raoof Bacteriophage Clinical Research Center, Catholic University of America Washington DC, E Ashok K. Chopraof Microbiology and ImmunologyUniversity of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. Their goal is to develop a vaccine that can effectively prevent the spread of the virus and, in addition, protect the individual from the severe form of the disease.

But how to achieve this protective shield? With mucosal immunity: To achieve that, researchers have developed a mucosal vaccine based on bacteriophages, viruses that only infect bacteria and are often used to stimulate an immune response in the nasal mucosa. This principle was used and tested with a part of the coronavirus: two doses of a non-infectious mucosal vaccine based on bacteriophages T4 – from the results of the researchers obtained in mice by injection 21 days apart from each other. The results observed that the vaccine induced strong algal immunity, strong humoral/cellular systemic immune responses and large neutralizing antibody titers against multiple virus variants.

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All of these responses were more pronounced in nasally inoculated mice than in non-injected mice.

A word to the experts

The first results of the study on the nasal covid vaccine are good, and according to researchers Rao and Chopra, it could also be used to fight other types of infections or respiratory infections:

“This intranasally administered vaccine induces excellent mucosal immunity in mice and induces strong humoral and cell-mediated immune responses and provides comprehensive protection and sterilizing immunity against Sars-CoV-2 strains. The vaccine is stable, adjuvant-free and cost-effectively manufactured and distributed, This makes it a strategically important next-generation Covid vaccine to end this epidemic and an ideal candidate for designing effective mucosal vaccines against other respiratory infections and preparing for emergencies.

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