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Previsioni meteo per il weekend

Over the weekend, will there still be thunderstorms between Saturday and Sunday? » We show you the latest updates

Weather: Will there still be thunderstorms for the weekend, between Saturday and Sunday? Showing the latest updates

Weather forecast for the weekendThe last weekend of July will be less hot Compared to what we have experienced in recent weeks, there will be the possibility of some Temporary Between Saturday 30 and Sunday 31, at least in part of our country.
In short, at least next weekend will have typical Italian summer conditions Old fashionedAfter long weeks of African heat.

the day of Saturday 30 July Among other things, it will still be affected by an unsteady flow due to a depression over Northeast Europe, which could cause remnants. Thunderstorm In the northeast (especially in the Alps and Prealps) and in the Romagna, especially early in the morning. As the hours pass, it is not excluded that some rain may reach the central regions, especially the Adriatic region, first in the inland areas, then in the coastal areas of Marche, Abruzzo and Molise.
On these fields The temperature will dropThanks also to a lively breeze from the northern quadrants.
On the other hand, in the rest of Italy, thanks to the constant protection guaranteed by the high pressure, the maximum temperature will be above 32/33 ° C, we will get more stable and sunny conditions.

when Sunday 31st The antithesis will be reinforced again with Azorean and African contributions: therefore Place in the sun, but the thermal values ​​according to the period or slightly higher on the Tyrrhenian side. In short, a classic summer day typical of our climate, without extremes.
Also noteworthy is the reinforcement of wind Mistral In most of our oceans, currents help keep temperatures pleasant and completely cancel out the annoying heat.

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Be careful though, extreme heat may be knocking on Italy’s doors soon … more updates to follow.

High pressure prevails, but rain is likely in some areasHigh pressure prevails, but rain is likely in some areas