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Courtesy of the guests, Roberto Valbozzi slaughtered by her: “As a chef he is bad” |  Clearer than that

Courtesy of the guests, Roberto Valbozzi slaughtered by her: “As a chef he is bad” | Clearer than that

Roberto Valbozzi (web source) –

The compliments to the guests gave an incredible twist: the criticism poured in so harshly it was shocking.

the program Compliments to guests It has been broadcast since 2005 at present It has become a real cult for lovers of cooking, furnishings and etiquette. The format involves two pairs of competitors who take turns challenging each other by hosting each other in their homes.

Each couple must organize a dinner for and for their opponents Three judgeswhich will evaluate the event based on three main criteria: Quality Of food and care inProve The table and the welcome, and then the welcome, or rather, the “courtesies”.

I Judges They, in turn, are experts in specific fields: there is a cooking critic, an interior design expert, and an etiquette expert. They each assign a score from 1 to 10 to each of the three categories listed above. Among these judges, over the years, there have been brilliant people.

Among these, personality stands out Alessandro Borghesealso participates in other culinary-themed formats such as 4 restaurants. He was another important judge Csaba Zorza songBut also Andrea Castrignano o Roberto Valbozzi. The latter was the protagonist of an unpleasant episode.

Who is Roberto Valbozzi?

Roberto Valbozzi is one of them chef Specializing in interior design. He contributed greatly to exporting the format to the small screen, making many improvements professionalAccompanied by his constructive and non-constructive criticism of the guests and participants of the match.

Each episode actually features moments of tension and tension Hazar, where contestants try their best to impress the judges and outperform their competitors. However, the program is inherently full Unpleasant moments. Not even judges are immune from the rain of criticism. This time, Al-Bouzi has something to do with it.

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Roberto Valbozzi in compliments to the guests (web source) –

Severe criticism

Strong criticism has been leveled against Valbozzi himself. It all happened over the web: one user commented on an Instagram post on the official page of Compliments to guestswhere the man in question was the protagonist.

The woman’s comment was as follows: “First, as a chef, he was walking around… and the second was that he had enmity with his wife…” However, many supported Valpozzi, defending his honor and skill. In the meantime, Valpozzi will continue on his path, hoping to one day win everyone’s approval.