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Corona virus in Berlin: Use of rapid tests in universities – Berlin

Corona virus in Berlin: Use of rapid tests in universities – Berlin

Berlin Senate discusses school closures due to emergency breaks

This time too, the Berlin Senate wants to stay close to the Ministerial Presidential Round (MPK) resolutions on Monday. On Saturday, less than 100 events took place in Berlin, Emergency brakes are required only if the value exceeds the limit value for three consecutive days. Senate spokeswoman Melanie Reynolds told Takespeekal: “We will At the Prime Minister’s Conference next Monday and later in the Senate To discuss. ”

Most recently, according to doctoral information, there was a clear trend in the Senate not to close schools immediately. There will be Easter holidays anyway from next weekend. 35,000 teachers now receive vaccine benefits, and self-examinations for older students are available in Berlin.

The education association GEW criticized that self-examinations are not yet available for elementary school students. “The Colleagues in high schools still do not have access to the vaccine“, Chairman Tom Erdmann said to Togesbiegel.

The union wants a position on school closures at a board meeting on Monday. The union has two camps: So far, the group supporting the closures has always been dominant. Erdogan said: “The MPK has agreed to an emergency brake in 100 cases, and one should not withdraw from it immediately.”

Updated closures are most likely due to a possible emergency brake Particularly affected retail and museums and galleries. According to the federal-state resolution, communication restrictions should also be tightened again. Unlike other federal states But Berlin already opened further action last Tuesday, Outdoor catering etc. were postponed.

Senator Ramona Bob (Greens) for economic affairs told Takespeekal on Saturday: “MPK should offer real opportunities by the end of March. For this purpose, testing and vaccination should be significantly expanded. The goal is to achieve a basic immunization as soon as possible, at least with the first vaccination, for as many groups of people as possible. ” Rapid opening of vaccines is especially important for family and institutional physicians. Bob said, “We have to avoid a yo-yo effect up and down.”

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