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Donald Trump in anger at golf course: Video shows his trick

Donald Trump loses his composure on the golf course. At the same time, rumors about his own social media site are making rounds again.

  • After a failed shot at the golf course Donald Trump He smashed his bat. A video shows the former president in a rage.
  • Except for renewing old friendships on the golf course Donald Trump In matters Social media Plan to come back.
  • Trump News: All news about the former president United States At a glance.

Palm Beach – Sunday (March 21, 2021) Former US President Donald Trump Golf is not so relaxed in a failed sport. With some friends, including an American professional golfer Bryson DiCambo, He met at his golf course in West Palm Beach, Florida, near his luxurious garden Mar-a-logo Located.

He was wearing a typical golfer’s polo shirt and his well-known red “Make America Great Again” hat in full white. Donald Trump Initially were in a good mood. But his mood changed quickly: after the failed shot, he reportedly became so angry that he smashed his golf club to the ground in front of his friends, spectators said. Ann Video of the UK news site “Daily Mail” Anger shows the 45th President of the United States.

Donald Trump wants to surround himself with golfers from the United States at West Palm Beach

His anger may have appeared because he was playing Bryson DiCambo Observed. Professional golfer DiCambo has eight big wins PGA TourThose who loved major golf games United States Aligning.

The day before that, Saturday (March 20, 2021), is required Donald Trump Seen with some friends at the golf course. With his close ally Senator Lindsay Graham, Accompanied by a professional golfer: Jay Marie GreenShe plays for the Women’s Professional Golf Association (LPGA).

Former President Donald Trump chats during a round of golf at the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach. (Archive photo)

© Alan Iston / DPA

Friendship revived: Graham seeks Donald Trump’s support

It is believed that Donald Trump They first met Graham when they were playing together at the golf course late last month. Republican from South Carolina was previously extra Mar-e-Lago Come to the former president for help in many important Senate races Republic Ask in 2022.

Donald Trump at the golf course. (Index photo)

© Ken Sedeno / Imago Images

Although a senator Graham After hitting Capitol On January 6th, harsh words to me Donald Trump Gave voice to allegations of election fraud Presidential election Rejected. Graham is there Indictment proceedings As opposed to Trump speaking out against his accusation, he should have absolutely no difficulty in allowing the relationship with Donald Trump to grow again.

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If we reunite in the game of golf, the memories of being the one who brought the two together will be reawakened. Because after Graham Ann 2017 Twitter It is said that the two actually started developing a closer relationship with each other because of Trump’s interest in golf skills.

Donald Trump is planning a social media comeback with his own site

To Donald Trump Sunday’s golf tour also sparked rumors that Trump would be back soon Social media Plan with its own site. “We’ll see President Trump return to social media with his own platform in about two or three months – I think that too will be all the rage on social media,” said Trump’s longtime adviser. Jason Miller During Sunday’s interview with Howard Kurtz, editor of Fox News. The new site will “completely redefine” the game of social media and attract “tens of thousands” of new users, Miller added.

Micro Blogging Service Twitter, The Donald Trump He was very active in spreading his message, and the account of the then US president was in the aftermath of the January riots. Capitol Permanently blocked. Twitter said in a statement that it wanted to prevent further incitement to violence by Trump. (Anna Charlotte Cruz)

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