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Apple USA and Covid: We are at work smart. One thousand dollars as a bonus for employees at home

Cupertino (USA), December 16, 2021 – They must have returned to office on February 1, 2022. Apple Park, From Cupertino. But that is not the case. Govt And a fear Increase Infections in the United States, Is now connected with the global spread above all else Different Omigron, Forced the global technology company to revise its plans.

Apple has actually postponed the return to office in the presence of its employees due to the increasing number of Govt cases in various parts of the United States.

Email contacts are cited for Bloomberg agency staff to report the newsCEO Tim Cook.

But not only that. Apple also said it would provide staff $ 1,000 each (A kind of bonus) to meet the needs of working from home (purchasing materials and technology needed to work well remotely). Return to office was originally scheduled for February 1st.

But even once The emergency associated with the epidemic is over Apple needs a return to mind 100% attendance. Like many companies, not only in the world of technology, but also in Cupertino Mixed structure of work Office days and others on smat.

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