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Confusion in the Atalanta-Napoli final: this is what happened


Moments of tension in the Atalanta-Napoli final with Gasperini and the players who protested to referee Mariani for the final whistle before the expected second for Bergamo players.

Naples Tense moments in Atalanta Napoli final with Gasperini And the players who protested the referee Mariani For being the final whistle earlier than expected according to the Bergamo players. This is what Gianluca Di Marzio said Sky Sports:

Minutes of extreme confusion during the 4′ recovery awarded by the referee Mariani in the second half from Atalanta-Napoli which led to the tension of the Bergamo players and violent protests by Gasperini against the referee at the end of the match.

It all started with a corner kick for Atalanta and was not awarded a foul in the 91:25 minute. The decision led to protests at Atalanta and Gasperini and moments of tension. A period of time when Spalletti took the opportunity to make two substitutions in the 92:00 minute. The match resumed only at 93:04 and lasted until 94:16, when Mariani blew the final whistle and unleashed Joyce’s court.

According to the regulation, if an injury or replacements occur during the time of the injury, the overtime is evaluated as the actual time remaining. So Mariani had to play another two minutes of the match at the start of the second half. So the race should have ended at 95’04.

In addition, Mariani raised morale by quickly going to the locker room at the end of the match, and not the third time, which is usually done in the midfield with the entire referee team.