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Who is the Scandinavian, the huge anti-cyclone Nordic that rhymes with “It’s raining less and less”. Influences in Italy »

Weather: Who is the Scandinavian, the huge anticyclone Nordic that rhymes with ‘It’s raining less and less’. Influences in Italy

Norse, it rains less and less, the northern hurricane that affects Italy On the European chessboard there is a new character Who will be the protagonist in the predictions of the next few days: a hurricane over northern Europe with exceptional maximum pressure values, 1045-1050 hPa over Scandinavia: this high-pressure structure would be called “mega”, with a lot of sunlight, “NawrasAnd the It’s raining less and less! In fact, Norse means “north” and between the 8th and 11th centuries, the adjective “Norren” was used to refer to the peoples of the entire Scandinavian peninsula. Cyclone “Nursi” will take place between Denmark and Norway for at least a week!

Nordic Norse anti-cyclone rains less and less! “He will take the chair, or rather he will descend to Italy from Monday: he will not be able to take control of our country completely, and will ensure more stable and mild conditions only in the north, while in the south it will continue to be a little cold though the onset of spring.

Briefly Let’s prepare for a bit of bad weather in the south and the main islands, but let’s not forget the anti-Scandinavian cyclone that could aggravate even more. drought in northern Italy: At the moment, heavy rain is not expected until April, which is why it is called “NawrasAnd the It’s raining less and less“It looks just right.”