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Coffee break, Andrea Grisanti debuts with Pd and attacks Salvini - Libero Quotitiano

Coffee break, Andrea Grisanti debuts with Pd and attacks Salvini – Libero Quotitiano

Andrea Grisanti He opens his election campaign with a target Matteo Salvini. A single sentence from the club’s secretary is enough to trigger a TV virologist’s reaction. Salvini commented on Grisanti’s candidacy: “Television expert Grisanti is the candidate of the Democratic Party. I believe now we understand many things”.

Open Heaven, the guest of the coffee break, Grisanti decides to give a rude reply to the leader. Carocio: “Just look at what Saninda has done in politics and in terms of foreign policy to understand what we are talking about”. Later he told Adnkronos: “I turn to Salvini’s voters and I want to tell him that the mistakes he made, the mistakes he made in assessments, foreign policy, health, the economy are warranted. If he has the chance to rule, do it”. Fire words that will surely ignite the election campaign. In Aghi, the same Grisanti again pointed the finger at the former interior minister: “I refuse to enter into a personal dispute with Salvini – explains Grisanti. Department of Molecular Microbiology, University of Padua “However, I can be critical of his choices and all the mistakes he’s made in both public health, immigration and economic policy.

“I will go into the field and my intention is to fight centimeter for this exact centimeter: the democratic party must look at society and respond to the weak, this will be my contribution. It is necessary to explain that taxes have a social value, for example, do not be afraid to say it,” he said. He also said. He explains the reasons why he finally accepted the nomination: “I am honored by this nomination, I share social values ​​and experiences with Pd. Being on the foreign list is of incredible symbolic value to me: I had an uncle. Emigrated, thanks to the money he sent to my mother every month, to educate me. Plus, I spent 30 years abroad for work, which is no coincidence.

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