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Climate change should scare us.  In 13 years, 279 people have died due to bad weather in Italy

Climate change should scare us. In 13 years, 279 people have died due to bad weather in Italy

bad weather And the weather changes in Italia You die from bad weather: In the first ten months of 2022, 254 severe weather events were recorded on the peninsula. In the last 13 years (from 2010 to 31 October 2022), reports indicate the last Legambiente dossier, 1,503 extreme events occurred in Italy with 780 municipalities affected and 279 dead. All related to flaw hydrogeological, LandslidesStorms and floods. Latest event today in Ischia. «Between 120 and 155 mm of rain fell on the island in 6 hours, with a value of more than 50 mm per hour between 4 and 5 am. We can no longer think of continuing this dramatic path in which destructive situations follow one another. Climate change should scare us!“, He says Massimiliano Fazzinigeologist and climatologist, university professor and reviewer for the Climate Risk Panel of the Italian Society of Environmental Geology.

Casamicciola landslide, dragging cars into the sea and rivers of mud in the streets

The Ispra 2021 report has already pointed to alarming data. Overall, 93.9% of Italian municipalities (7423) are at risk of landslides, flooding and/or coastal erosion. 1.3 million people are at risk of landslides (13% of youth under 15 years of age, 64% of adults 15-64 years of age, 23% of elderly people over 64 years of age) and 6.8 million people are at risk of flooding . The areas with the highest population values ​​at risk of landslides and floods are Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, Campania, Veneto, Lombardy, and Liguria. There are approximately 548,000 households at risk due to landslides and more than 2.9 million due to floods.

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Landslide Casamicciola, Geologist Billi (Cnr): “Ischia is very populated and sloping, so rivers of mud flood everything”

«in the past month, Campania has experienced three flood episodeswith types of precipitation and impacts on the physical environment and comparable to each other in intensity and only fortunately, the number of victims was not greaterVizzini points out.

And from the month of July to this day, the hydrogeological instability that now characterizes all morphological-climatic environments of the peninsula, It claimed forty victims. We can no longer think of continuing this dramatic path in which destructive situations follow one another». announced by the geologist Massimiliano Fazziniclimatologist, university professor and reviewer of the Panel on Climate Risks of the Italian Society of Environmental Geology, speaking about the Ischia events.

«The specific danger arising from the human climate crisis, as I prefer to call it, has become, in the eyes of all, an absolute emergency, and if on the other hand this year is hoped to be statistically exceptional in all its climatic evidence, On the other hand, one cannot rely on fate and hope that the coming years will not be marked by extreme extremes in atmospheric phenomena. Notwithstanding the appalling results of COP 27 and the often – as Vezzini concluded – inaccurate figures for the various statistics produced relating to the extreme meteorological events of the past year, An immediate national risk mitigation policy is urgently neededEven resorting to emergency economic strategies. If we can adapt to the economic crisis through sacrifices, human lives are priceless. In this apocalyptic year 2022, moreover as already predicted in the summer, climatic hazards continue to spread throughout the national territory.

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distance Exceptionally dry wintersa Hint for thermodynamic rebalancing in the springAnd the Almost as hot as the summer of 2003with Thermally comparable sea and tropical seaAutumn is full of meteorological phenomena of very high magnitude but often not statistically exceptional that can only occurVizzini closes.

Bad weather, landslide in Ischia: video from the helicopter

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