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Le TEMPERATURE stanno per essere stravolte!

Temperatures in total turmoil! A big surprise is coming, the details »

Weather: Temperatures are in total turmoil! Big surprise coming, details

The temperatures are about to turn upside down!One is expected in the next few days big surprise Which will lead to reality temperature distortion.

Currently, Italy is still surrounded by a high pressure field, but the latter is weakening more and more day by day, and thus becomes very vulnerable to the typical threats of that period. One of those is about to start its annoying act.
In this case, we refer to cold air masses regression straight from arctic circle that gives Tuesday 21 It will begin to affect some areas of our country and in particular our northern regions, where there will be prescribed hypothermia especially in Mountain The generous amount of sunlight in recent days has ensured calorific values ​​higher than cool and foggy Valpadana lands.
we will, In the Alps, columns of mercury can lose up to 15 ° C compared to the beginning of the week (at about 1000m at night you can also go down to -15°C) and also on some flat stretches, for example in Turin, where thermometers are set to lose approx 7/8°C, while in other northern cities the drop will be around 4/5°C.
And temperature They will decline almost everywhere, even in the rest of the country, albeit to a lesser degree.

However, this stage of purely winter rot will have a rather short life. between Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23, In fact, the the cold will already overcome the retreat, Under the pressure of the temperate and humid Atlantic currents That would make thermometers rise a bit across the country.
the middle of the north The effects will appear above all at night, because the sky is more affected by a wide spread of clouds that will not allow the heat accumulated during the day to dissipate easily towards the free atmosphere.
the South Instead, thanks to context weather forecast Quieter at first, increase in temperature You will feel it especially during the day, with maximum values ​​u200bu200bwhich may touch nearby peaks 15/17 degrees Celsius.

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This climatic context is sure to accompany us on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but also beyond that Saint Stephen. Only at the end of the year seems a new (cold) change of course possible.
But we’ll give you more details on this in the next few days.