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Client: A former member of Rockstar Games reveals some secrets about the missing PlayStation exclusive game

Client: A former member of Rockstar Games reveals some secrets about the missing PlayStation exclusive game

Factor It remains, even today, a big question mark: it could have been a very interesting game but now the project is completely finished, with some new elements Backstory Which emerged from A Previous Rockstar games Who spoke about the title in a recent interview.

It’s about to Obi vermeij, an art director who was part of Rockstar Games in the past and who worked on Agent before it was canceled by the team. In a recent post on his blog, which recounts his experience at Rockstar North from 1995 to 2009, Vermeij explained some of the events that led to the project’s shutdown.

“We have really moved the business forward More than a yearHe explained: “I remember working on a ski chase scene with guns,” the art director said in the letter.

As GTA 5 approached, there was no room for the agent

One of the agent’s leaked photos

He then explained some of the aspects that led to the complete block: “The game He wasn’t progressing well As we had hoped. It was inevitable that the entire company would eventually work on a new Grand Theft Auto game. “We tried to expand the scope of the game to try to complete at least the central part before the inevitable call from New York arrives,” the developer said.

“We cut through a whole level (I think it was Cairo) and maybe even the space station. It became clear that the agent was going to be too much of a distraction for us and we left it. I think it was Move to another team Within Rockstar but then it was never completed.

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This was the period when work on Grand Theft Auto V was getting into full swing, and a large portion of the Rockstar North team was employed on this, having worked on downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto IV. This left no room for an alternative project like Agent and the game was banned.

Announced in 2009, Agent was supposed to be an action with stealth elements based on a super spy in action, as expected. Exclusively on PS3. Despite the past years and less positive prospects, Agent has not been officially canceled by Rockstar, and thus it still lives on in the rumor mill, with many fans still holding out hope for a potential return.