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Clash at raves. Warning from opposition parties. In Viminale: “Law does not affect rights” – Politics

Question and answer between Democratic Party Secretary Enrico Letta and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini on the rule for raves sought by the government after the Modena case. Criminal lawyers also intervene in this problem.

Letta: “Government withdraws raves rule.” “The government withdraws the first paragraph of Article 434bis of the Criminal Code reform. This is a serious mistake. Raves have nothing to do with a similar provision. Citizens’ freedom is thus called into question. #NoArt434bis”. Secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta writes on Twitter.

Salvini to Letta: “There’s no going back”. “A democratic party now defending an illegal and wrongful #rave party in total chaos, asking the government to change its mind. No! No going back, laws are finally being respected”: Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini responded to the tweet. Democratic Party Secretary Enrico Letta is asking the administration to roll back the rule on rave parties.

“The Anti-Unlawful Rave Act is about a compelling case of involuntary invasion by large groups of people who pose a risk to public health and safety”. Home Ministry sources said this. A provision always mentioned by the Ministry of Home Affairs “does not in any way affect the right of expression and freedom of expression enshrined in the Constitution and protected by the institutions”.

Criminal lawyers: “With a new crime, wiretapping is possible”. “The law prohibiting raves imposes a fine on the participants, a ‘reduced’ sentence against them. That is, the judge must apply a reduction that reaches a third of the sentence at the end of the trial. Against the organizers of the edittale, it can go from three to six years. Therefore, the penalty for this crime is more than five years. “I don’t understand why Prime Minister Melony Wire wanted to say she didn’t give the green light to wiretapping because of the imposition,” said Gian Domenico Caissa, the head of the crime chamber.

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