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Citizenship income, maneuver text change: Skip the rule announced by Draghi in favor of accepting a job

Citizenship income, maneuver text change: Skip the rule announced by Draghi in favor of accepting a job

During the two weeks between approval in the Cabinet and sending a file Budget Law It is not only fermented with 34 elements, But it also lost some important pieces. When reading the final text, which was partially rewritten by treasury technicians, it turns out Article review provisions on basic income was beyond that got worse Compared to the October 28 edition, where it has already been listed Novelties specific “clearly absurd and punitiveBy sociologist Chiara Saraceno who leads Income Evaluation Committee. E jumpIn fact, the paragraph under which if the recipient had found a job, the salary would have contributed only 80% To determine future support, not only for the months immediately following (and this is already provided for by the “Ordinance” on income) but also for the year following the introduction of the new support Show, when an increase in income often results in a loss of utility.

The Prime Minister himself has declared this rule Mario Draghi At a press conference, describing it as one of the changes designed to stop support that represents a Obstacle to acceptance job opportunity. “was there before 100% negative tax“This has now graduated,” the former European Central Bank chief explained. But this part has been canceled, to focus on suppressing controls and new obligations for employees, However, it is destined to remain on paper if the problem for which it is to be solved is not solved In the Hundred for employment It’s actually impossible to point out the shows”match Therefore, it cannot be rejected under penalty of punishment decal or loss of income.

Moreover, the decision was made after experts from the Muslim Committee pointed out among them Ten suggestions To improve income just a premise allowing a partial accrual with subsidy, Considering income from work is only 60%. Starting in the third quartermarginal rate Subsidy cuts by 100%,” they wrote. “Such high marginal rates home inhibition to accept a new job, given that the emergence of additional income translates in perspective into an equal reduction of subsidies.” The Council did not accept, in fact, the government removed even the most conservative reference to 80%. The last chance is the parliamentary aisle, however, the income is likely to He ends up in the crossfire of tensions in the majority. Agreement between leaders allowed.

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