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Choose a galaxy and find out what it reveals about your true being

Choose a galaxy and find out what it reveals about your true being

Let’s try to do a mystery test together: look at the picture and choose the galaxy that attracts you the most.

Quiz: Choose a galaxy

Let’s face it: Most people on earth are fascinated by all things mysterious, intrigue and spiritual realm. Curiosity can arise from a simple cognitive impulse, or it can become a true belief. The truth is that – despite man’s control of the planet for thousands of years – Science still fails to explain every phenomenon that exists. From this very mystery is born the mystery and every form of esotericism known to man. However, Each of us relates to everything related to the spiritual world in a different way: Some reject it in dread, others are drawn to it like a magnet, and still others instead turn it into a real career. To find out how you approach the puzzle, simply take this quiz: Look at the picture and choose the galaxy Which satisfies your mind and your looks.

Test – solutions

You belong to the category skepticsthose who are sure that they can explain each phenomenon with a stretch Rational and Analytical Thinking. Reject any form of esotericism and regard any product of mystery as if it were a fictional novel. In the face of events that you cannot explain, You have a big laughRealizing that there is nothing beyond human reach. However, within a few moments, your mind falters. You are scared

Quiz - What is your relationship to mystery?  (Pixabay)
Quiz – What is your relationship to mystery? (Pixabay)

In your presence I was able to find Balance between reality and spirituality (We want to consider them separately). Basically, you are fascinated by mystery and love to spend time in it Documentation and exploration of esotericism. At the same time, I developed a kind of Selection: Don’t believe everything, but there are elements you can’t ignore. Basically, you like to argue and Inventing theories about this.

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You believe everythingEvery little spiritual and mystical theory enters into you as an integral part of your essence. Can you understand the rationality behind everything that souls related to their inner selves explain. Witches, prophets, sorcerers and hermits – You don’t make any difference. All this mystery attracts you Definitely like a magnet.