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Change channel numbering

Change channel numbering

Earth’s digital revolution is underway and a new step awaits us on the horizon. Channel numbering will change soon, announced by the Ministry of Economic Development.

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The Ministry of Economic Development announced next step of the terrestrial digital revolution. after that last October 20 we saw the passage of some channels to the new digital MPEG4 – Visible now only with a compatible decoder or the latest generation of TV – We should face more change. The list of news is still long as the transition to the new DVB T2 standard will happen gradually and will only come to an end in 2023. At the moment we will see a change in the numbering of digital terrestrial channels. Let’s find out how to find out the full list of possibilities available to us without forgetting that there are some possibilities “Secret Channels” only with Smart TV You can see it for free.

The new channel numbering, the digital terrestrial revolution

The next step in the terrestrial digital revolution involves a Change the channel numbering. The full list is available in a five-page publication from the Ministry of Economic Development. A long list in which it is possible to find out the name of the channel and the number to call on the remote control to access it.

Of course, each user has a choice Menu customization And to change the order of channels as you wish. However, there may be overlaps that need to be taken care of so that numbering conflicts do not occur. The program itself will facilitate the solution of the problem by asking the user Which channel to set And which one to change it.

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How to proceed with customization

for every Restore channel order The favorites you are used to, you will need to access the “Settings” section, find the words “Channel Configuration” or “Manage Channel” and thus display a screen with All full list of channels. To modify, move or change the program, simply click on the reference item and then select File new positioning targeted.

The Reset channels It will be necessary in the coming weeks but it will be a quick and easy procedure to implement using the information provided. So we will face another step, waiting for another change to be announced.