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Car touch screen, the trick is to remove all scratches in an instant, you don’t need to buy any products


Technology has played a leading role and is now indispensable in every field, including the automotive field: However, high-tech gadgets, such as touch screens, can be damaged. How do you fix them?

Many of us have learned during this time of true technology boom how great strides have been made in the field of technology home automation to improve performance And comfort Also in car.

Our cars, like all other sectors that Develop our life, They find themselves living in a new “era” consisting of devices, hardware And different devices capable of doing a little bit of everything with one device Simple click. on the contrary.

Indeed, with a simple touch. Because this is the meaning Great development That the on-board technology, understood as the tools inside our vehicle, has produced: hardware that work for just touch.

After the first steps, the Touch screen technology It has literally invaded, in a positive sense, every single one of us: We have touchscreen phones and tablets, refrigerators, and touchscreen TVs. Of course, too Our cars I am.

Car Touch Screens: How to Fix Them for Free

From screens to screens, the cars Which we drive today interact with us and provide us with countless informationl supports Based on entertainment at the touch of our fingers. Off with buttonseverything is simpler.

Like any technology, however, so is this one It is not eternal It is certainly not immune Damage, Or maybe the most frequent scratches. Well then what What can we do if this happened?

Basically, given the facts it’s almost impossible not to find yourself with a Touch screen device fingerprints or scratches And those of cars are certainly no exceptions, we can resort to two different methods.

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Scratches on Automotive Hardware: Free Solutions

On the other hand, we can go to a specialist to get a file touch screen To its former condition, or perhaps the purchase of the gods products Even a lot beloved And specific to trying to make a fix from us.

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The alternative is Do it yourselfkisa: But using gods products They are ours It arriveswho are they cheap Or better yet free. We may already have it at home. In fact, it is exactly that. And They are not few: Example?

the toothpaste From the teeth: when swiped across the screen, with the motor and battery detached, it repairs small scratches, if they spread. or the baking soda or also vegetable oil. If applied to a damp cloth, softly and thoroughly, it removes blemishes and scratches. Try it.


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