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The return of “Tiger” of the eighties

The ’80s were stirred up by supercars, of which the F40 was one of the queens. The Spanish project is updating it.

A young car designer from Seville, Angel Jira It is a real formulation of ideas and projects. Which ends up, almost always, on their website. There the Spanish engineer explains his choices and asks for readers’ opinions. This time he tried his hand at a supercar.

80’s magic

As always, Guerra is relying on the past to update. This time it is the case Ferrari F40, nearly 40 years after birth. His new design exercise is on One of the most popular cars of the 80’sThe F40 and one of the racing versions, the LM.

The eighties, in fact, were animated by supercars, among which the F40 was one of the queens. Supercars have now been replaced by supercars, much taller, slightly taller, roughly the same width and heavier. The wheelbase has grown by about 200 mm, the arms are longer, and the wheels are much larger. New technologies, ergonomics and safety have been added.

As always, Angel Guerra points this out The project is not associated with the Ferrari brandIt has no commercial purpose. It is just a free design exercise that is done just for fun.


Sports car produced between 1987 and 1998. Angel Guerra focuses on the LM version designed specifically for the 24 Hours of Le Mans race. Eight other cars were built based on the F40 LM with the initials F40 Competizione from 1989 to 1994, to allow other special teams to also race in other GT championships outside of the Le Mans context.

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Angel Guerra tried the transfer F40 Original Design Modern Wheelbase (4650mm) with 21″ Wheels. In addition, it improved the surface quality of the model, giving it a modern processing. The designer didn’t want to create crazy new things or meaningless new features, but instead kept the zeitgeist. He only slightly touched on the original design, updated it. Two-week transfer.

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