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Car tax, how long is the prescription valid?  You don't have to drop anything anymore

Car tax, how long is the prescription valid? You don’t have to drop anything anymore

Vehicle tax (former road tax) is a tax that all wheeled vehicle owners (with exceptions depending on the age of the vehicle) must pay.

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The amount to be paid must be calculated based on two factors: the power in kilowatts of the engine and the environmental class of the car. The number of kilowatts must be multiplied by a factor determined by the state.

The Pay Stamp duty can be done through online banking, at post offices, local ACI offices, tobacco sellers, and authorized ATMs.

What happens if you don’t pay? car tax When he goes by prescription?

Car tax: when does it apply with a prescription?

As with any tax, car tax provides precise timing: In the event of an unpaid car tax, the tax department has to send the tax invoice within a certain period to avoid getting caught with prescriptions.

the seal Goes to prescription after 3 years of not paying tax. More precisely, the statute of limitations begins on January 1 of the year following the non-payment. Let’s take an example: for 2019 road tax failure, the limitation period starts from January 1, 2023.

car tax
When car tax goes to prescription – MotoriNews

The limitation period is zero when the body responsible for the checks sends a Evaluation notice.

Despite the notification, if the vehicle owner does not pay in the following three years and does not receive further communications from the revenue agency or district, the stamp duty payment will end for good. Thus, the car owner will not be obligated to pay anything anymore. Communication after 3 years will be irrelevant. Even if they are sent, the taxpayer will have 60 days to appeal in the relevant regional tax commission.

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Non-payment of the stamp duty: what happens?

In general, late postage collection and checks on non-payments are managed by the revenue agency or regional departments. In the event of a breach, the responsible body may, at first, send good-natured notice With a call to repay the debt within 30 days.

In the event of non-payment despite the invitation, the institution records the debt and issues a Evaluation notice with payment folder (which includes late payment and fine).

car tax
When car tax goes to prescription – MotoriNews

There is no administrative reservation and no other document related to the vehicle: even if the vehicle owner does not pay the road tax, he can continue to trade. However, if the road tax has not been paid for 3 consecutive years, the civil transportation process will continue in Expulsion ex officio from PRA: In this case, the car or motorcycle will not be able to turn.