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Bocconi Mario Monti congratulates Mattarella: ‘The Republic thanks him’ – Politics

Bocconi University celebrates 120 years and congratulates President Mario Monti, who hands over the baton to his deputy Andrea Sironi. Former Chancellor of the University and Chairman of the Generali. The official ceremony was attended by President Sergio Mattarella, President of the European Commission Ursula van der Leyen and President of the Senate Ignacio La Russa. To welcome them, Milan Deputy Mayor Anna Scausso, Mayor Pepe Sala, was busy with the Ambrogini d’Oro presentation ceremony. Lombard Governor Attilio Fontana, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Tajani, Universities Minister Anna Maria Bernini, former Prime Ministers Giuliano Amato and Romano Prodi and Pirelli Executive Vice President and Managing Director Marco Troncetti Provera attended. Politicians who joined the Milanese Arteneo included Pier Ferdinando Casini, Massimo D’Alema and Giuliano Amato. The ceremony began with a welcome speech by the conductor Francesco Pillari.

“Mario Monti represented and represents an exemplary story as an economic scientist; as an academic, student witness; as an Italian and international politician; he marked the life of our country, the continent, in subtle passages, strongly. And the international dimension, remembers President van der Leyen, Director Ferruccio I send my congratulations to De Bortoli, Rector Pillari, Professor Tabellini, the new President Professor Sironi”. The President said this. Sergio Mattarella, speaking at a ceremony honoring Mario Monti at the Bocconi Auditorium. “Mario Monti’s cultural, scientific and research contribution is so relevant as to inspire Bocconi to give life – as announced – to a new international institution dedicated to the creation of European policies. Therefore, Professor Monti’s commitment – adds Mattarella – will not fail in Bocconi or in favor of Italian and European institutions”.

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“The pro-European identity of President Monti characterized all your lectures from different places. I want to say from different professors, director Di Bortoli. Republic thanks him. That is reflected in my predecessor, President Napolitano – appointing him senator for life. Dear Professor”. President Sergio Mattarella concluded his speech at a ceremony honoring the former Prime Minister in the Great Hall of Bocconi University.

“I would like to take this opportunity to call upon those in my life who were responsible for sending me to Europe: He agreed to be with us today Silvio Berlusconi appointed me European Commissioner in his first government. Unfortunately he couldn’t make it this morning. Anyway, my sincere thanks to him for accepting and my best wishes for him and his health“. Mario Monti, the outgoing president of Bocconi University, said in his greeting to the audience during the ‘La Bocconi, Italy, Europe’ event in the University’s Great Hall via Roentgen in Milan. In the front row, Gianni Letta, Secretary of the Council of Ministers sits in the Berlusconi governments. Monti then called “me He thanked those who confirmed him as commissioner.With the approval of Prime Minister Massimo D’Alema, Romano Prodi I owe him thanks for believing in me and for giving me the most powerful and dangerous function of all commissioners”.