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Bloober does not comment and indicates a future presentation -

Bloober does not comment and indicates a future presentation –

The rumors persist in Silent Hill and in particular on Silent Hill 2 Remakewhich according to some sources is under development in Team Blooper But the study concerned does not comment Information, where the CEO is simply referring to an upcoming one OFFICIAL OFFER Which will happen “as soon as possible”.

In short, it appears that there are at least three projects in the works in Silent Hill, according to new rumors, among which there is also a remake of Silent Hill 2 that may be entrusted to the Bloober Team, as well as a new chapter of which new visuals appear to have appeared, and then it was removed based on On request Konami itself (which makes the rumor particularly interesting).

When asked about the matter, CEO Piotr Papineau stated that he could not comment on the matter: “I can’t say anything about the projects we are implementing because of the different relationships with our partners, of course,” Papineau explained, “so I can’t say nothing practical. About our projects as soon as possible, at which point you can learn more.”

However, on a note that might be interesting, he also added that “even in relation to the project we can’t talk about, Bloober Team will remain“.

Silent Hill 2, photo

This statement should be deciphered: it seems to refer to possession of intellectual property, so he was probably talking about a project based on New IPwhich could be the title in development with the private section.

However, it could also refer to a licensed game, such as Silent Hill 2, stating that the Bloober Team intends to do so. It inspires you with new ideas And making it a game is by no means similar to the philosophy and vision of the team. Anyway, these are free explanations for now.

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What emerges from the IGN article in the source below, moreover, is that the Bloober team is working at the same time Three projects: one in partnership with Konami, a new intellectual property with Private Division and a new game in pre-production.