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In the Mario world, there isn't enough variety for Activision Blizzard's new gadget -

In the Mario world, there isn’t enough variety for Activision Blizzard’s new gadget –

Seemingly in the world Mario There is not enough diversityAt least according to the measurement tool announced by Activision Blizzard In a sea of ​​controversy. But let’s start in order because everything comes from far, i.e. from GDC 2017.

After the new tool was announced, some went to extract a video from the 2017 Game Developers Conference in which it was shown how it works, thus it has been tested for at least six years and not recently, as Activision reported, it has been applied to the Mario series.

According to the results, the Italian plumber’s world will be particularly lacking in representation inability In diversifying sexual orientation. According to the tool, in fact, there are no disabled personalities and all those present are heterosexual.

Now, the debate over Super Mario characters’ sexual orientation is already weird on its own (how do Goombas mate? Yoshi likes to share or just watch?), but Activision’s gadget also gives us other pearls, like the “appreciation for” the fact that Mario and Luigi are Italian, which will make them less Consistent with the scale reference model, as well as for the age of the characters, apparently very varied, and for Mario’s physique, which is short and round.

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