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Loredana Berti, the farewell came like a thunderbolt: no one expected it and yet it happened

Loredana Berti, the farewell came like a thunderbolt: no one expected it and yet it happened

Loredana Berti – (Photo by Ansa)

No one had thought of such a farewell from Loredana Berti. And yet things went this way. Suddenly he abandoned them.

Loredana Berti And Italian music icon An artist who left a mark with her style and songs A very important page for Italian rock music. This is also why it is natural today to consider it “Lady of the Rock“.

A raspy voice and a provocative and often pioneering style. These are the characteristics that have distinguished her over the years from everyone else in Italy and which still belong to her despite her advanced age.

Performances made by Loredana Berti this year on the occasion of Sanremo Festival. During the festival, she sang in high heels and showed off her shoes Long blue hair that Mini skirtbasically with full respect to his style.

In Sanremo he was in great form, but then, as Mattino also reported, unfortunately A sudden illness forced her to slow down Some of his tour dates were postponed. However, this was not something he had to give up. His concerts are simply A delayWhile the farewell he had to say to him was something final.

Loredana Berti's concerts were postponed after her illness

because of Highlands Who beat her while in Rome, Loredana Berti was obliged to do so Postponing some of his tour datesexactly those of Brescia and Turin that are to come Postponed to May 20 and 24. This was stated on the singer’s Instagram page, which at the same time confirms the return of Loredana Berti in a concert for On April 3.

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So Loredana Berti did not have to give up her concerts Because the singer will soon return to the stage. But that's what he had to say goodbye to. He did it so he could stay fit.

Pasta and breadPasta and bread – (Photo by Depositphoto)

Loredana Berti's farewell to carbohydrates

As stated in an article by Rumors of the City of Abruzzo, to maintain physical fitness, Loredana Berti began to follow Very strict diet, Rich in raw and grilled vegetables, but free of carbohydrates.

What Loredana Berti had to say goodbye to was just that Bread, pasta, pizza, cereals, potatoes and sweets. Basically any type of carbohydrate.