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Bicycle stolen from an unemployed person in court service: An unknown philanthropist buys it

Bicycle stolen from an unemployed person in court service: An unknown philanthropist buys it

BELLUNO – The sad story of a bike stolen in court in recent days against an employee working there comes to an end thanks to a regional project for people who are having a hard time finding work with a happy ending. Chief Justice Antonella Coniglio, who personally made her contribution to making the employee’s personal story more famous, announced yesterday: “Today’s article had a huge impact. A gentleman who wanted to remain anonymous came to court and gave a motorcycle to the victim of theft. I intend to publicly thank this gentle and sensitive man jazztino To publish the article – reports d. Coniglio -. These gestures reconcile us from the bitterness of the previous stage and the indifference towards the neighbor that we are especially experiencing in this period of the epidemic. I still thank this gentleman who is such a special person.”

the story
In recent days, a bicycle has disappeared in front of the Palace of Justice in Belluno, on the Via Voluntari della Liberta, next to the entrance to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The news of the aggravated theft (among other things in a place where video surveillance of the police headquarters would probably help in understanding the offender) was immediately circulated both in the prosecutor’s office and in court because the ruse was done at the expense of the Palazzo employee. But not just any employee. On his account, in fact, colleagues, staff and judges spend only considerations of appreciation for the commitment undertaken.

Among the many voices that have followed each other to describe the rare person who is the victim, there are the voices of Prosecutor Paolo Luca, who in recent days has conveyed the news of the theft, and also those that can be said honest and sincere. , by the Chief Justice, Antonella Coniglio. “This person – explained President Coniglio – has a one-year contract of 20 hours a week and earns a few hundred euros, I think, 400, certainly not a great salary. Moreover, she is efficient, polite and well mannered and has enthusiastically borrowed her bike to do her job faster, which also includes going to outside offices.” “Keep his smile and kindness – as the Chief Justice emphasized -. Perhaps the theft is a trick that takes place before the court, and this adds the sign of cowardice to the already forbidden act.”

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