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Biagio parla della sua fidanzata: "Se mi lascerà...ciao!"

Biagio talks about his girlfriend: “If he were to leave me.. goodbye!” – Big Brother VIP

After the events of the last few hours, Biagio All he does is think about his relationship with him mirjana.

on the balcony with Nathalie While others are enjoying the beat of the music, the columnist is back on topic and confiding in the latest new entry. Despite the closeness to Miriana, it is now known that Biagio has a girlfriend with whom he has a long-distance relationship.

It is precisely his girlfriend that Nathalie has in mind, and for this reason, Biagio asks what his intentions are: If she’s angry, that’s her problem. The writer is convinced that he did not respect her, says the writer; Although he is interested in Miriana, he does not think that he has crossed any limits which is why he does not think that his partner should feel resentful in any way.

Natalie does not share her point of view and is convinced that the intimacy and relationship that Biagio forged with Mirjana is already too deep to be considered a simple friendship: “I think you lost her” She says, sure Biagio can now consider herself a celibate.

“Okay, he’ll leave me… bye!” Biagio says without worrying too much about the fact that his girlfriend might get annoyed with the way he does things; The columnist is convinced that being himself and doing what he’s always felt is the best option and seems to downplay the kind of relationship he had with Miriana, convinced there was nothing more than a little hug.

Nathalie continues to try to make Biagio think about the positions he has taken in recent months, emphasizing how much it can upset a woman, who, from home, is watching everything, but Biagio remains steadfast in his point of view.

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“If she told you today that she wanted to be with you, what would you do?” He asks the showgirl referring to Mirjana and the possibility that she might have feelings: “I would say lined up” Biagio answers with a loud laugh.

The situation between Biagio and Mirjana – already unclear – after the arrival of the plane today looks increasingly confused: what are the true intentions of the columnist? Will he want to continue getting to know Mirjana or will he consider protecting his relationship?