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Between art and folklore, at the heart of Mongolian culture with naadam

Between art and folklore, at the heart of Mongolian culture with naadam

Music with sitar. the Comey, guttural songs; folk dances; there Facebook, wrestling, a cross between sumo and wrestling; equestrian carousel, with acrobatics on several steppe-dwelling horses; Convolution displays. It is a feast for the eyes and the soul to attend Besrig Naadam, the traditional cultural festival of Mongolia that helps the foreign visitor, through artistic and athletic competitions, to enter and reach the depths of the roots of the culture of the central region. Asian country. 40 kilometers from the capital, Ulaanbaatar, on the first day of Francis’ journey, at rest before the start of the various appointments of tomorrow, September 2, the papal entourage and the journalists accompanying the Pope were able to witness these moments of art and history this afternoon between antiquity. Masks, dancers, musicians, camels and horses. All immersed in a wonderful natural environment of green river-fringed valleysand typical GermanyThe tents of nomadic herders.

The event was specially organized by the local authorities for the Pope’s entourage. Patmunkh Batsitsig, the Minister of Foreign Affairs who received the Pope at the airport this morning, and who delivered the address today, reiterated her gratitude to Francis for his visit, as well as to all those present for their willingness to travel to the heart of Mongolian culture. Participants were served a buffet of the country’s typical products, chief among them meat raised by shepherds and snacks of dry yoghurt, a traditional dish also donated to the Pope this morning, and moments of entertainment such as archery and performances such as folk dancing. to B BielgiAnd the horse show, which is a show of horses for young men and women in traditional dress.

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(Text by Salvatore Cernosio, video by Franco Pirolli)

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Naadam, a cultural event to discover the roots of Mongolia