Thursday, July 25, 2024

US military aid to Taiwan unleashes China’s wrath. A British report risks stoking further tensions


Taiwan Island It is one of the hot topics in relationships between China and the United States And there are many who believe that the next potential conflict could break out precisely for control of the island. to Beijing rebel county. For Washington, an area to defend against ambitions Xi Jinping. Meanwhile, the question of his status became more and more smoky. And in the cracks of politics and international law, a reality made up of ideological and existential differences between the two superpowers is making its way, with the risk of exploding in a conflict that neither side wants, which always seems dangerous. Close. The last step for the Biden administration In this regard, it illustrates the importance of Taiwan in the relations between the two powers and the difficulties of defining the tripartite relationship between the United States of America, China and the island.

In fact, Washington decided to send the first eviction direct Military aid a Taipei Unleash China’s inevitable wrath. According to US officials, the amount of aid amounts to $80 million. Note from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Obtained by CNN, the network states that the FMF “will be used to enhance self-defense capabilities.” Taiwan Through the joint defense capability and increased awareness of the maritime domain and the maritime security capability. But the problem is in the format. So, as always in diplomacy, intrinsic. In fact, this program is only aimed at foreign governments, while officially Washington It is still linked to the “One China” policy set by the Richard Nixon duo – Henry Kissinger. Thus, the problem does not lie in the amount of aid, which is much less than that usually provided by Washington, but rather in the political file.

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China, In fact, it would consider that the principle that defines the US view of Taiwan’s non-statehood has been violated – at least at the formal level. Xi’s government, which has said it wants the island issue resolved by 2050 – even if some observers think acceleration is possible – commented on Biden’s move through a Defense Department spokesperson, saying: Wu Qian. The official stressed that the aid “does nothing but feed the US military and industrial complex while harming the safety and well-being of citizens in the region.” TaiwanA phrase that reaffirms how for Beijing the island remains a purely internal matter.

The US State Department confirmed that there was no change in policy Regarding Taipei and “One China”. But meanwhile, on the same days that the Biden administration launched the aid package, a committee report was released Foreign Affairs of the House of Commons Britain is likely to be a cause of further tensions. The text states that Taiwan has everything it can to grant it some form of statehood. All this comes a few hours after the meeting between Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and his British counterpart, James Cleverly, in which the former said that “Taiwan independence is not compatible with stability in the strait.”

It is very likely that the double whammy of US military aid and bipartisan reporting in the British Parliament – ​​and thus Washington’s best ally – will be seen as red flags from China. A response that might take the form of increasing military pressure on the island cannot be ruled out. Beijing’s air and naval forces have been besieging the island for some time, with continuous movements and exercises. Wu Qian warned that the armed forces will take “necessary and resolute countermeasures”. Not to mention that Xi, weakened by the domestic economic crisis, may feel difficult – or even pressured within the ranks of the Communist Party – about what has always been a pillar of his agenda for China’s future.

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