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From Fedez to Elodie, all the names...

From Fedez to Elodie, all the names…

Battiti Live 2022 compilation: previews and live streams tonight

After Mediaset’s decision to Tribute to Olivia Newton-John With “Grease” airing in prime time yesterday, today Wednesday 10 August, in prime time, the appointment with Petite Live 2022 is back. On stage, as host, there will be, as always, Elisabetta Gregoracci and Alain Palmieri who will leave the floor between one exhibition and another. To Mariasol Beaulieu who will give the audience the opportunity to ask questions to various artists.

However, the episode that will be airing tonight is not an unreleased episode of the Battiti Live 2022 compilation. In fact, Radio Norba’s mobile music festival officially ended with the evening broadcast by Trani. Tonight a compilation or best performance from various shows will be broadcast.

Beats Live 2022 compilation: singers on stage

It is not known what shows will be repeated during an episode Live broadcast 2022 It aired tonight, but for sure, Italia 1 fans will be able to see the most beloved singers of the moment who, thanks to their songs, are climbing all the charts. On stage, like this, they should take turns:

Marco Mingoni, Fides, Tanani, Mara Sati, Achille Lauro, Elodie, Tommaso Paradiso, Tactical Nuclear Penguins, Sangiovanni, Irama, Alvaro Soler, Boumdabache, Annalisa and Alessandra Amoroso And many other things.

How to stream Battiti Live 2022 تجميع compilation

Also the last date of the season Live streaming 2022 compilation It can be watched live on TV by setting the TV to Italia 1 starting at 9:30 pm and in the live broadcast. Simply connect to the Mediaset Play website or download the appropriate app available for all devices.

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Through Mediaset Play it is also possible to watch previous singles or episodes.

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