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Basketball, all Italians playing abroad in the 2021-2022 season.  Between the NBA, Euroleague and more - OA Sport

Basketball, all Italians playing abroad in the 2021-2022 season. Between the NBA, Euroleague and more – OA Sport

For a number of Italian players who have returned to our country’s teams, there are other players who have stayed or traveled abroadIn either case, there are many different reasons. Return of the gods from the United States, Niccolo Meli and Nico Manion They had space issues in the NBA (one with the New Orleans Pelicans first and then the Dallas Mavericks, the other the “victim” for choosing the Golden State Warriors to focus on former goal Virtus Bologna, Chris Chiusabehind Steve Curry). Others, like Amedeo Della Valle and Alessandro GentileThey took different routes before returning, each with their own adventures.

In this vortex of names, so far, the only Italian remaining in the NBA is always, Danilo Galinari, who quickly declined since 2008 (when he was the sixth overall pick, the New York Knicks called him with plenty of whistles, as happened years later with Christapps PorsingisIt proves more and more every time. Last year, Gallo was a keynote for the Atlanta Hawks’ relegation to the NBA Conference Finals. He’s already played two pre-season games: 14 points against the Miami Heat (a clear defeat), 11 against the Memphis Grizzlies (a narrow victory). Finally, a real regular season awaits him with 82 games, after the 2019-2020 season was split into two games by Covid-19 and the 2020-2021 match was reduced to 72 games, but with unusual timing by the NBA, which put the final season in July.

Also in the US, but in the NCAA, there’s a platoon of 14 NCAA-ready blues. Obviously the main name is Paulo Banchero, who is credited by many as being the second overall pick in the 2022 NBA Draft at least as things stand today. His year will be played at Duke, and we’ll find out how much a strong striker can offer on the field, which is reasonably referred to as the near future of the Italian national team basket.

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There will also be other interesting names in the NCAA: Gabriel Stefanini (Goalkeeper, San Francisco), whose misfortune over the past two years has not only been measurable in human terms, but also the players seen in recent years between A and A2 Michael Anumba (keeper, Winthrop) Ed Eric Czomble (play, UTSA). They complete the list Matthew Piccarelli (play, UMBC), Felipe Motta (Junior Striker, Denver), Giovanni Emigoro (Centro, Sam Houston State), Gianmarco Arletti (Ranger, Delaware), Mattia Aconzu (Junior striker, Robert Morris), Francesco Burra (Center, University of California, Davis), Thomas Benelli (Senior Striker, Eastern Michigan for Son “Joss”), Eduardo del Cadia (Ala Grande, Nichols State), Lorenzo Donadio (guardia, American), Leonardo Pettiol (Big Forward, Abilene Christian). Then there are cases Joshua Pettino, Sami Salad NS Leonardo da Campo (Santa Fe) which is more specific.

There are those who chose the high school path: Niccolo Nobili NS Stefano Fallopa Benefit from a year of alumni at SPIRE Academy, Ohio, Nicolo Moretti (Daoud’s brother) H Giorgio Franceschi I’m heading to DME Academy in Florida and Tommaso Tintori He does graduate studies in covenant prep.

Let’s move on to the European chapter, or rather Euroleague, certainly the closest to us and also in some interesting way. The case of summer was a case Marco Spaceo, and there is little doubt about this: he was chosen by Unicaja Malaga, and he was cut short on the pretext of not passing medical examinations (in fact, the management changed direction). And so he joined UNICS Kazan, going from the European Cup to the major continental competition: a huge return for Sassari, 8 points in his debut in the VTB League with Zielona Gora and on the field for about 20 minutes on average in the first two. Euroleague matches with Monaco and Zenit St Petersburg.

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Staying in the VTB League, Veteran stigmata Daniel Hackett Proudly preserved: in CSKA Moscow is now immovable, a reference point for Dimitris Etodis. For him Zielona Gora was the favorite victim (13 points) in the tournament, while in the cup he keeps 17 minutes per game (9 points he scored in the fantastic trip outside Milan).

high jump for Simon Fontechiowhich passed from Alba Berlin to Baskonia, respectively from the Italians, as we shall see. In Liga ACB for the player who scored the Azzurri’s five summer games with 8 points and an average of 38.9% from three, in Europe the only handicap was Milan’s dominance at the Buesa Arena with 16 points a few days ago.

Achille PolonaraOn the other hand, Baskonia left him after two increasingly important seasons to join Fenerbahce. He’s still on the field for about 20 minutes in the Euroleague, with 7 and 9 points so far in his first two games, and averaging 12 in the Turkish Super League.

credit: Ciamillo