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Bancomat, news about your card you may not know

Bancomat, news about your card you may not know

Bancomat, are you aware of this news in Italy regarding your cards? This is what it is


the ATM card, or more correctly debit cards, linked to a checking account, the details of which appear in the magnetic devices on the card. The original card payment method was using magnetic tape. “Crawling”, that is, by passing the magnetic strip in the appropriate points of sale, payments can be made.

In fact, the band contains the information needed for a successful payment. But the “scroll” was soon replaced by magnetic chip, which must be inserted into a slot of the Pos device. Today, the chip is no longer needed for some operations, you pay directly with contact, the payment method in which it is sufficient to bring the card to the points of sale and payment is allowed, but only for numbers less than 25 euro.

Some lenders have now raised the bar with 50 euro. But many ATM cards still contain a magnetic stripe. What does this mean?

Automated teller machine, can magnetic stripe jeopardize card security?


Operation A space saver Many cards are now limited to remaining payment transactions and are in the process of being completed complete disposal. In fact, if the card is equipped with a chip and is used to operate on a POS or ATM machine which in turn is capable of reading a chip, then the payment or withdrawal is made using microcircuit technology.

That, even if the band is on the card, that’s continue to be used In all those cases (albeit now marginal) in which the terminal does not, even temporarily, support the microcircuit or to allow the cards to be played even in those foreign countries where the magnetic strip is still in use.

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Anyway, the Automated teller machine In this way he responds to questions from customers who wonder if the presence of magnetic tape can in any way pose a risk to information disclosure: The existence of the gang on paper don’t bargain Microcircuit transaction security.

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“Actually, the The band does not contain sensitive information such as. the pin, and the bank or specialized institution, at the very moment it authorizes the withdrawal or payment, verifies the correctness of the process and the technology (micro-circuit or scale) with which the operation is carried out. Therefore, if she detects signs of anomalies, she can refuse permission to withdraw or push.”