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Weather report.  Strong bad weather swirls over Italy with snow and wind.  Situation and forecast for the next few hours « 3B Meteo

Weather report. Strong bad weather swirls over Italy with snow and wind. Situation and forecast for the next few hours « 3B Meteo

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Italian Weather News
Italian Weather News

The situation is 7.30 am. Cold currents of Arctic extraction flow into the central Mediterranean and feed a well-structured gyre around our peninsula, with a minimum of 1000hPa in the mid-Tyrrhine Sea. Clouds and extreme events also swirl around it, leaving only very few areas, among others strong wind reinforcements.

Rain in the north, snow in the mountains. Easterly currents blowing over the upper edge of the low pressure gyre travel up the Po Valley and produce widespread showers and thunderstorms in Piedmont, Liguria, Lombardy and parts of Veneto and Emilia Romagna. These are usually low-intensity events with snowfall in the mountains above 800m, both in the Western Alps and the Emilian Apennines. Although there has been no heavy snowfall, avalanche danger has been noted in the Western Alps, and strong winds in recent days have resulted in two deaths in an avalanche in Val Formosa yesterday, Sunday.

Gagne (AO):

Rain in the central Adriatic, snow in the Apennines. The most significant events are occurring in the central Adriatic region, with local rainfall accumulations of up to 30mm at Sibillini. However, in the last few hours, events have slowed down in the Marche sector and are now focused on the Abruzzo sector. In the Apennines snow is reported from 900/1000m in the Marche Mountains, in Abruzzo up to 1000/1200m, sometimes heavy snow with wind; After the heavy snow that affected the Simone region yesterday, the flakes have reached the Tuscan hills, although they have weakened.

Showers and thunderstorms in the south. These events did not leave the southern regions affected by the flow of unsteady currents from the western quadrants along the lower edge of the vortex. Rain and thunderstorms are reported, especially in the Tyrrhenian region and Sicily with 40 mm in the Naples area, 45 mm in Calabria, and precipitation above 1200 m. Snow was also reported further inland in Sicily, starting at about 800 m in the Enna region, with localized hail.

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Piazza Armerina (EN):

Rain and rain in Sardinia. Unstable conditions also affect Sardinia, especially in the west and inland areas, with rainfall accumulations of more than 20 mm in southern Sardinia province.

Strong winds with gusts of up to 100 kmph. Deep low pressure creates strong winds with cyclonic circulation, with gusts of up to 100 km/h over the Apennines at Sibillini, but strong westerly winds are also sweeping Sicily and Calabria, while the Mistral is currently blowing at 60 km/h in Sardinia. /h. There is some bora in the upper Adriatic, with winds of up to 70 km/h in the Trieste area.

Weather for the next hour. Al Nord Widespread rain across Piedmont, western Lombardy, western Emilia, gradually easing during the day, light snow above 800/1000m in the western Alps. Dry in the Triveneto, clear spells progressing from the east. to Center Although it rains more in the Adriatic, less in the Marche, and in the evening along the coast of Abruzzo. Snow on the Apennines from 800/1000 m. With clear characters alternating with clouds, but contrast on the Tyrrhenian side in drier environments. to Suth Widespread instability with rain and showers, thunderstorms, on the Tyrrhenian side and Sicily, strong inland in Campania, Tyrrhenian Calabria and strong in the west of the island, although easing in the evening in peninsular areas. In Puglia also rain, although weaker, is a sporadic event on the Ionian side. Snow level is around 800/1000m, rising slightly during the day. In Sardinia Unsettled weather with showers and thunderstorms, especially over the Mid-West, will ease in the evening. Strong winds with cyclonic circulation. The temperature drops. Enter the section for all details Italy weather.

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