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Avignon Festival speaks English for the first time

Avignon Festival speaks English for the first time

Avignon (France), 5 July. (askanews) – The Avignon Film Festival will speak English for the first time. The 77th edition of one of the most famous theatrical events in the world kicks off with a series of important innovations, as told by Tiago Rodrigues, Portuguese playwright, theater director and actor, and the first foreign director of the French event that attracts thousands of enthusiasts. from all over the world.

“One of the novelties for the 2023 edition of the Avignon Festival is the fact that we will be inviting a language to each edition of the festival,” he explained, “and on this first occasion we have invited the English language, with a host of English-speaking performances from the US, but also from the US and Australia. We also translate a lot of French theater with English subtitles, so that English-speaking audiences and professionals can discover French creativity.”

There are 44 shows on the bill, not counting the countless street performances and off-theatre theaters that will revive the French city on the Rhone through July 25th. Certainly, according to the director, the performances will take into account current issues, including the tension that has exploded in the French suburbs.

“It is clear that the Avignon Festival is also a mirror of the world. It is a festival known for its ability to discuss world problems and social phenomena. There is no doubt that what is happening today in France and the deep questions these events raise. Talk about it at the Avignon Festival which, despite being a celebration With the living arts, it is also a civic celebration that never blinds the world’s grievances.”

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