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Avv. Chiacchio a Tuttosport sul caso Juventus: "Differire gli stipendi pratica lecita"

Attorney Chiacchio to Tuttosport on the Juventus case: “Wage deferral in a legal practice”

Interviewed by today’s edition of tuttosportLawyer Eduardo Chiaccio He spoke about the matter related to Juventus: “I can answer in a technical way, inspired by general principles, I have no intention of interfering with those who will have to defend Juventus, my highly trained colleagues. But if you ask me what I think, some reflections come naturally. Let’s start with the winnings.” Capitalism, then we come to the salary maneuver. My experience with capital gains is diverse and in the past I defended Novara for the transfer of players to Juventus, actions that ended in acquittal. Capital gains are perhaps the most important item in terms of how they affect the financial statements of clubs and on these operations. There were actually two sentences that led to The acquittal of all the clubs brought to trial by the Federal Prosecutor. Let us turn instead to the salary manoeuvre, the concession of bonuses which affected the balance: Well, I was surprised at the clamor there was. And the reasons for making agreements with the players not to pay all the monthly wages to the responsible subjects or the union. Sometimes it is also suitable for members who understand the difficulty of the moment and maybe get a contract extension in return.It is a free discussion.These events which also took place in Juventus have been subject to a negative evaluation by many but in an unfounded way: these are legal and large-scale activities and not illegal from an administrative point of view. Let’s be clear! Regarding the private writings found, it is necessary to assess whether there is something malicious, and only then can the situation change. Among other things, there have been many clubs that acted like this during the Covid emergency. But I say more. There have been companies in Serie C Pandemic defended by the undersigned who in the arbitration panel obtained 30 or 45 days of non-payment of players who did not accept a reduction in compensation despite not playing because tournaments could not be played due to a pandemic. Theoretically, Juventus or another first-class team could have acted there, but instead they preferred to come to an agreement with the various players.

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