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ASI |  Italian Space Agency

ASI | Italian Space Agency

Europe’s Goal: Italy and the Future of Space. This is the topic of my event Ministerial Committee for Space and Aviation Policy (COMINT) and withItalian Space Agency That opens today. The meeting, which will be held in compliance with anti-COVID legislation in mixed presence / virtual mode at ASI headquarters, will be an opportunity to present and discussThe European Space Agency’s Agenda 2025 , With the aim of formulating an Italian position common to all stakeholders (industries, research and academic institutions).

The event, chaired by the Agent Responsible for Space and Aviation Policy and Head of COMINT, Hon. Bruno TabachiProvides a remote greeting to a file General Luigi de LiveranoMilitary advisor to the prime minister and the ambassador’s intervention. Antonio BernardiniPermanent representative to international organizations in Paris.

In his speech, the President of the ASI, Giorgio Sacuchia, Will clarify the path that will lead Italy to participate in the next Ministerial Council of the European Space Agency in 2022, and more generally, the lines of action of Italian space activities. This will be followed by a discussion with the participation of representatives from trade associations (AIAD, AIPAS and ASAS), space regions, industries, SMEs, research bodies and universities.

In the end, an intervention by the Director General of the European Space Agency is expected, Joseph Shebacher On the “Future of the European Space Agency and Relations with Italy”. He will entrust the conclusions to the hon. Bruno Tabachi. At the end of the event, the president of the ASI, Giorgio Sacuchia and Hon. Tabacci will answer press questions.

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