Tuesday, July 23, 2024

2.4% new positives and no deaths in Rimini County are symptoms


The numbers are in sharp decline regarding the Coronavirus in Rimini province, where the only data on the rise are those of recoveries. In fact, 27 new positive results appeared during the past 24 hours, of which only 9 were symptoms, and at the same time no deaths were recorded.

At the regional level, since the beginning of the Coronavirus epidemic, 381439 positive cases were recorded in Emilia Romagna, an increase of 412 from yesterday, from a total of 21,799 swabs conducted in the past 24 hours. The percentage of new positives in the number of wipes that took place since yesterday reached 1.8%. Meanwhile, the Covid vaccination campaign continues, which at this stage concerns healthcare workers and Cra, including inpatients in elderly housing, most of whom are already immunized, and those over eighty in home care and their spouses, if they are 80 years old. Or more and people 55 and over. In Emilia Romagna, even people between the ages of 40 and 49, that is, those born between 1972 and 1981 inclusive, can register online for a Covid vaccine by contacting the district website https://salute.regione.emilia -romagna .it / Nominations – Same vaccination available for ages 50-54 (born 1967-1971 inclusive)

The progressive count of implementing administrations can be followed in real time on the Emilia Romagna region portal dedicated to the topic: at 4 pm, a total of 2,323,039 doses were administered; Of the total, 787,516 second doses, that is, people who completed the course of vaccination.

Control and prevention activity continues: of the newly infected, 154 asymptomatically identified as part of regional contact tracing and screening activities. In general, of the new positives 190 were already isolated at the time of the swab implementation, 232 were identified within already known foci. The average age of new positives today is 37.5 years. Of the 154 asymptomatic, 113 were identified through contact tracing, 10 by regional risk category tests, 12 by serological examinations, and 8 by pre-hospital testing. An epidemiological investigation is still underway for 11 cases.

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The provincial infection situation is witnessing Bologna with 93 new cases and Parma with 79 cases; It is followed by Modena (66), Reggio Emilia (38) and Ravenna 31; and then Rimini (27 cases) H. Cesena (23 cases), permission Forli (20), Piacenza and Ferrara (both 14 cases) and finally Emuliz (7). This is the data – verified at 12 p.m. today based on institutional requests – related to the epidemic’s progress in the region. In the past 24 hours, 10,444 molecular scans were performed, for a total of 4,673,948. Additionally, there are also 11,355 quick tampons. As for the total number of people who have been cured, it is 903 more than yesterday, and it is 347102. Active cases, that is, actual cases, so far are 21,208 (-498 compared to yesterday). Of these, people who are isolated at home, or those with mild symptoms that do not require hospital treatment or have no symptoms, are a total of 20,230 (-452), 95.4% of the total number of active cases.

Unfortunately, there are 7 new deaths: All occurred in Bologna (93 year old woman and 6 men 56, 61, 71, 72, 78 and 87 years old, respectively). No deaths in other provinces. In total, there have been 13,129 deaths in the region since the start of the epidemic.

Patients entering intensive care There are 127 (-10 compared to yesterday), 851 in other COVID departments (-36).
In the region, patients admitted to intensive care are distributed as follows: 6 in Piacenza (the number did not change compared to yesterday), 13 in Parma (-1), 17 in Reggio Emilia (-1), 20 in Modena (-1) ), 36 in Bologna (-3), 7 in Imola (-1), 7 in Ferrara (-1), 6 in Ravenna (-2), 2 in Forli (unchanged), 3 in Cesena (unchanged) and 10 in Rimini (without change these are the positive cases in the region since the beginning of the epidemic, which do not refer to the district of residence, but to the case in which the diagnosis was made: 23,433 in Piacenza (+14 compared to yesterday, of which 8 were symptoms), 27,791 in Parma (+79, including 28 symptoms), 46,428 in Reggio Emilia (+38, of which 30), 64,933 in Modena (+66, of which 49 are symptoms), 81,441 in Bologna (+93 out of 71 symptoms), 12,520 cases in Imola (+7, including 5 symptoms), 23005 in Ferrara (+14, of which 5), 30,113 in Ravenna (+31, of which 25 symptoms), 16,714 in Forli (+ 20, of which 12), 19226 in Cesena (+ 23, including 16 symptoms) and 35,835 micro-irrigation (+27, including 9 symptoms). Based on two cases, one of them is positive for the antigen test but not confirmed by molecular swab and 1 is a non-Covid-19 result.

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