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“I found out how they send messages,” just raise your eyes and… - Libero Quotidiano

“I found out how they send messages,” just raise your eyes and… – Libero Quotidiano

Aliens send messages to the universe by changing starlight: a physicist from Imperial College London is convinced. Based on this strange theory, which he also mentioned daily Mail, Extraterrestrials will have their own way of communicating. particularly, They will be able to change the light emitted by the stars. In any case, we are still talking about the most advanced and advanced life forms of our civilization.

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These would be more advanced forms of life, precisely because they would have one Scientific knowledge is out of the ordinaryWhich allows them to change the light of the stars. The expert who developed this strange theory is called Terry Rudolph: According to him, extraterrestrial civilizations will communicate with each other only in this way. That is why the thermal light of stars – in his opinion – should be the subject of a dedicated study.

Furthermore, according to the researcher, the aliens will use starlight for the simple reason that There is nothing faster than light. “The result is that when we look at the stars and see only thermal radiation, we usually conclude that the universe is empty, but Perhaps the universe is engulfed in space chatter.” Rudolph said in a recent interview.

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