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As of today, every PS3 game can be played on PC (unusual result)

As of today, every PS3 game can be played on PC (unusual result)

remember that RPCS3? This is the most popular PlayStation 3 emulator on the web. Over the years this emulator has undergone many updates and since its inception (2011) has gradually seen more and more games being incorporated, making it a good way to play PS3 games without necessarily having to own the console (but, of course, with the obligation to own the original games) .

10 years later, The RPCS3 team has shared a message So Twitter Which officially announces the end of preliminary work on PS3 games, all of which are now playable on PC:

“We are pleased to announce that RPCS3 now has total ZERO games in ‘None’! This means that all known games and apps, at the very least, can start in the emulator. All without issues preventing games from starting. We can’t wait to clear the box.” Downloadable as well.

During these 10 years, more than 6000 games have been tracked, so being able to launch every title and app is a truly extraordinary feat. It is important to specify that this does not mean that all titles are actually playable, many different problems, bugs, glitches, some of which don’t even get past the loading screens. However, over the next few years, the number of fully functional video games on the emulator will surely increase, which are now as many as 2054 perfectly playable from start to finish and without any problems at all (which is all in all, a thing already).