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Are Samsung Galaxy watches compatible with other Android smartphones? Official response


Want to know if Samsung’s Galaxy Watches are compatible with other Android smartphones? The official response has finally arrived.

Are you thinking about buying a new smartwatch and are you impressed by the Galaxy Watch? These are the latest Samsung devices that give access to a myriad of interesting features. Such as monitoring vital signs and Connect to smartphones of the same brandto always be at hand for notifications, messages, calls, etc.

Below are the smartphones compatible with Galaxy Watch –

But if you have Android device From another brand What happens? Are they still compatible or is it necessary to have a Samsung phone to be able to fully exploit the capabilities of the Galaxy Watch? Finally after a long wait The official response has arrived. Here’s what you need to know and which smartphones can be connected to the South Korean company’s smartwatches.

Samsung Galaxy Watch, here are the compatible Android smartphones

More and more people decide so Relying on the Galaxy Watch from Samsung When it comes to buying a new smart watch. But to be able to start using it and enjoy all its enormous potential, you need to connect your personal smartphone. And more and more people are wondering whether they need to own a Samsung phone or not All you need is an Android device.

How to set up an Android smartphone with Galaxy Watch
Take advantage of these Android smartphones if you want to buy a Galaxy Watch –

We finally have the answer to this question. According to what appeared from the official support forum of the South Korean giant, all devices Who have Android 7.0 installed It can later be configured to get notifications, calls, apps, etc. on the latest generation Galaxy Watch. The only basic “requirement” is Install the Galaxy Wearable app.

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This is the software available by default on Samsung devices and should be downloaded if you have an Android phone from another brand. However, you should know that there are some unique functions that only work if you have a Samsung smartphone. Such as the ECG device and the pressure sensor, all of which are features of a select number of models from the Asian company.

So, if you decide to buy a Galaxy Watch, think carefully about what you can and cannot do with the device, based on the mobile phone you decide to configure. There are many offers available online to take you home Even the latest models of smart watches Without having to spend a fortune. To achieve guaranteed savings while at the same time enjoying unique features.


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