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Arctic air will move out in the next hour, bringing a sudden shower of snow, lo and behold

Arctic air will move out in the next hour, bringing a sudden shower of snow, lo and behold

In the next few hours cold air and snow will fall over the plains

Very cold air is coming directly from the icy arctic regions, so the weather in our country will be unstable for the next few hours, with scattered rain and even some snow near the plains..
These currents are reminiscent of that cyclonic vortex that has affected Italy in recent days, which is currently located in the Ionian region and is gradually moving towards Greece.

Situation and development in the next hour
Al NordIn the morning, unsettled weather is expected, especially on the day Piedmont West. At very low altitudes (3-400 meters) there is widespread rain and snow. Also, we expect a significant volatility Valle d'Aosta. As for the rest of the north, the weather should be stable and sunny despite the cold and strong winds of grigal and bora, especially in the north-east.
It is recommended to focus on evening and night hours Sudden snow showers can be recorded at very low altitudes in the Piedmont, especially in the Cuneo region.
Also at Center Weather can be very changeable. In the morning, rain and local rain will affect the Adriatic regions and Sardinia, while the Tyrrhenian region will have more sunshine, although in a cold and windy environment. In the afternoon, the last rain is expected between Abruzzo and Molise, remaining instability and high clouds in Sardinia, but without rain, in Lazio and Tuscany.
Al Suth Atmospheric pressure is weak. There will be moderate rain in the morning Puglia, Basilicata e Sicily In the north, it rains from time to time Calabrian reliefs. In the afternoon, some rain or local thunderstorms are still possible in Sicily and Puglia, while elsewhere the weather will be slow but stable. Even in the south and Sicily, the wind from the northern quadrants is intense.

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