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Arbitrary charging, the arrival of wireless sensors that will prevent parking enthusiasts in the wild


Illegal parking in front of a freight station is an increasingly rampant bad practice in Italy. A situation that harms those who cannot recharge their cars with batteries and management companies that lose income. Enel X presents specific sensors in Rome but will be developed throughout Italy. Fines and penalties for violators.

Image by Jonomias – Pixabay

There are many uncivilized people who use the spaces in front of the charging stations for parking. package expires, Wireless sensors arrive against these squatters.

It is located at about a Experiment conducted by Enel X in Rome Specifically to counter a phenomenon in the capital that is spreading uncontrollably. There is no doubt that if the results are more than satisfactory, it will affect the various transshipment zones spread across the country.

These sensors were initially installed in Corso Francia, in the northern district of Rome, though They will soon be placed on other stations of the Enel X Way network.

What do these sensors do specifically? What is their job? I am able to Recognize when a vehicle is illegally parked Within the recharge space. So those who have to recharge their e-car will not have any problems at all.

This phenomenon Great rudeness does two harms At the same time:

  • The first, of course, for motorists Which in reference apps see the column free to recharge when space is obstructed instead.
  • The second is for management companies Because in this way, that is, not being able to provide energy to those who need it, they lose income.

Probes Against the Uncivilized: Fine and Impeachment

Fines and penalties for those who stop in front of charging stations
Image by andreas160578 – Pixabay

Enel X Way really puts it in the field Maximum commitment to counter an increasingly rampant phenomenon. Parking at kiosks designated for recharging It is strictly prohibited and punishable by a fine and removal of the vehicle. However, it will be necessary to contact the appropriate authorities. The municipal police will provide itself to intervene, apply the specified penalty and remove the vehicle.

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How do you fix it

There is certainly no shortage Ideas to remedy the situation. Many are already thinking about purchasing extension cords for connectors, so that they can recharge even a few meters away, bypassing cars that get in their way. Perhaps this is not a very comfortable solution but you also have to put yourself in the shoes of someone who, perhaps during a long trip, He urgently needs to recharge his car battery.

Others would even like to stand up to those who break the rule to prevent them from leaving: this way, however From the cause one passes to the wrong side.

We must always stay within the law and Compliance with directions about it. Of course, an increased awareness of something like this can only accelerate a return to what should be normal.

In Italy there are charging stations It was a problem for some timeGiven the limited number on the national soil. Now things are starting to get better And we continue to keep pace with other European countries.

Uncivilized allow them.


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