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Risparmio bolletta temperatura condizionatore

Saves you a fortune on your bill

There is nothing to do: in the summer with such heat only an air conditioner can save us. But then sings the bill and then what’s the right temperature to save money? Here it is, not everyone knows it.

conditioner –

in summer air conditioner It becomes man’s best friend: it is the only useful way to counteract excessive heat waves, Especially in this hot summer.

Obviously, using it every day for several hours takes some time Excessive spending At the end of the month, which many try to save. But how do you do that using it anyway? Here it is Suitable temperature for use.

Air conditioner, what temperature should be used for preservation

because of scorching and overheating It is necessary, in some cases, Use the air conditionerthe only possible way to freshen air in some environments.

Adjust the temperature of the air conditioner
Adjusting the temperature of the air conditioner –

But the wrong use of this device can become a life saver Energy bills problemgiven that the exorbitant bill may arrive at the end of the month.

Moreover, by accidentally using the air conditioner, you may also risk your health because the extremely cold air in the house, with the intense heat outside, may lead to a change in temperature with the consequent high temperature, bronchitis and colds.

So how do you use it correctly? The first thing you need to do is set an appropriate temperature, both in order to save energy and to maintain your health.

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As most experienced suppliers and technicians advise, the appropriate temperature is tbetween 22 and 24 degrees, Not too low then.

This temperature is ideal for cold rooms, without overdoing it and without risking unnecessarily consuming a lot of energy during the day.

Everyone in whom outside temperatures reach 40 degrees may want to set the air conditioning to 15 degrees, but this is by no means recommended.

Moreover, the humidity of the room must be calibrated, as we said before, to avoid avoidable diseases and inconveniences.

Other useful tips for using conditioning to the fullest

Air conditioning is one of the most consumed household appliances: of course, the greatest use is in the summer, but despite that, It is a good idea to always try to save even in a limited amount of time.

When buying, you should always look for devices with high energy classwhich goes from A to high, to reduce consumption by up to 30% on the bill.

Always place appliances in a high place: This is because cold air tends to fall, so if the air conditioner is located at a high place, it will cool the room more easily.

Remember that All our air conditioners should be checked at least once a year, Especially the filter that must be cleaned or changed by a professional. This is not only for the maintenance of the device, but also to avoid allergies that can be caused by mites and bacteria that lurk inside it.

Couple suffering from heat
Couple suffering from heat –

For more effective use, obviously if there is a possibility, You can also combine a ceiling fanto ensure that fresh air flows at its best in the room you want to cool.

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Reduce nighttime useby programming in such a way that it does not run for long hours, not only to consume energy but also to keep you healthy while you sleep.

In general, try to use air conditioning only during the hottest hours of the day, while making use of the air currents in the house at other times.

With these precautions, you will see that using the air conditioner will no longer be a problem for your pockets, but will only become a huge benefit.