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The Revenue Agency Also Controls ATMs: Here's How

The Revenue Agency Also Controls ATMs: Here’s How

ATMs also end up in the revenue agency’s crosshairs. So let’s get into the details and see what we can know about it.

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I Money They cannot guarantee happiness, but they undoubtedly help solve a lot of problems. From weekly shopping to various daily needs, on the other hand, there are many times when we find ourselves having to put our hand in the wallet. These operations are simple in themselves, but they often attract attention tax.

payments with ATM, which often ends up under the magnifying glass by‘Revenue Agency’. On the other hand, the latter has an important verification task, in the event that suspicious transactions are recorded. So let’s get into the details and see what to expect.

ATMs in the Revenue Agency’s Viewfinder: When to Initiate Verifications

The Revenue Agency has always had the important task of checking for any suspicious movements. In this particular context, it is not surprising, that it ends up in full view of the tax authorities, Transactions made using automated teller machines. By analyzing various expenses, withdrawals and payments, in fact, it is possible to form a picture of the economic situation of each citizen and to proceed with the relevant investigations, in the presence of suspicious transactions.

In this regard, it is good to know that tax checks are triggered when certain thresholds are exceeded, such as withdrawals or payments More than 5 thousand euros per month For those who owna job, even if it is fragmented. At the same time, regardless of an individual’s work status, the ones that arouse attention are Withdrawals exceeding 10,000 euros per month. This happens because the tax authorities must check whether or not illegal activities have been carried out, such as Recycling from money.

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Well, if these amounts are exceeded, The report is run to the Financial Intelligence Unit (Uif) In the Bank of Italy at risk of money laundering. But not only that, those who do not withdraw money also arouse suspicion. In this case, in fact, saving measure, with a revenue agency asking how a person can live without using their money.

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Another tool is the income meter, which is used when making payments via Pos. Il Income ScaleIn fact, it allows you to understand a person’s standard of living and compare it to his tax return. If the topic Spends more than 20% of what has already been announcedHere the tax authorities can ask for clarifications on this matter.