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Quattro numeri per spiegare come Conte ha conquistato il M5S

M5s break again, towards Draghi bis

A strange mid-summer government crisis triggered by the ‘hard’ faction of the M5s cui Giuseppe Conte Given the political following, it can then create further division in the movement A split made by Di Maio a few weeks ago. As Conte tries to keep the bar straight with his loyalists (Taverna in Primis), something stirs in the room. Group leader David Crippa He wants a vote of confidence in the government in Wednesday’s vote, and several other MPs are with him.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) the Prime Minister, first to the Senate and then to the Chamber, A vote of confidence. The House’s Conference of Group Leaders will reconvene at 4.30pm today to establish the time and modalities of the debate.

M5s cutaway

Within the 5-star movement, there is a conflict between Conte and the governors, who launches an ultimatum: “If anyone believes that such a shared and shared path cannot be shared, choose freely, clearly, immediately and unambiguously. “, said the former prime minister, the longest joint work. closed

As for the government crisis, “Now the decision is not ours, but Prime Minister Draghi’s”. “To continue at all costs in charge of the government without clarifying the social agenda within the government, this would be a really irresponsible approach,” Conte said as he closed a meeting of parliamentary committees last night. “The country is in a truly dramatic state. Faced with this, out of a spirit of responsibility, we should ask President Draghi if the priorities we have indicated are placed on the government agenda,” he said. “Tragic needs to evaluate the conditions and determine the perimeter of this track. Our line is very clear and coherent,” he adds.

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A spark in the assembly

During yesterday’s group summit, M5S and Pd – finding the centre-right opposition – asked Draghi to go first to Montecitorio, where the first signs of crisis appear due to the decision of the 5-Star Movement not to participate. Final vote on aid. The request sparked debate and tone. Grillini MPs, along with the Democrats, have criticized Montecitorio group leader David Crippa for an explanation as to why the traditional order has been called for. “The first M5S ‘no-vote’ in aid dl occurred in the Chamber, for this reason it seemed more logical and correct to ask the Democratic Party for Draghi’s communication first in the Chamber and then in the Senate”, explained Crippa. when Giuseppe Conte admitted he was not notified.

According to this situation, A Dragons piss Supported by the same majority as before, it was less than the hard-line section of the Cinquestelle, so far blessed by Conte’s moves. But Draghi also wants assurances from Matteo SalviniTo prevent stocks from rising further (see League President’s request for budget deviation from 50 billion).

Crippa ‘cuts’ Casalino

Crippa was against Conte’s break with the government. In these hours of much talk about his farewell to the movement, the group leader – as expected by the Republic – would have resisted renewing the advice handed down by the Camera M5s group last year. Rocco Casalino (Conte Spin Doctor and Dominus of M5S Communication) Corresponding to the signing of the journalist M5S with the Senate. The deal ends on July 15.

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