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An absolute novelty in Pro-Club, a revolution never seen before


FIFA 22 will be available from the official date on October 1, 2021, and EA Sports has decided to sip new information regarding the game through some releases. Today about the Pro-Club.

FIFA 22: An absolute novelty in the Pro-Club

Definitely, Ultimate Team, with millions of players and billions of euros It is worth a lot but there is also news about the Pro Club especially in terms of gameplay, in a structure similar to the past.

in a FIFA 22 Pro Club players First of all, they will be able to take advantage of all the technical and technological improvements possible thanks to Hypermotion Tech, but also from others.

This year’s goal is to make FIFA 22 Pro Clubs a social experience as well. In fact, EA Sports would like this mode to become a place to meet like football with friends. You turn on the console, enter the mode, communicate with everyone and chat as well as play.

To simplify this, EA has improved the technology behind pro clubs, improving the flow while reducing hurdles as it has appeared in the past. This translates to friend lobbies, the ability to use voice chat and talk instantly even when not playing. It will also be easier to load your favorite gear to play right away.


Pro-Club is not only with friends

Not just with friends. In fact, EA wants to make new friends. In other words, you are trying to reduce the dead time of the game to go directly to the field even if your team does not have players.

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You grow based on the game on the field

EA Sports has also rethought the way a virtual football player should develop. In other words, thanks to the improvement in match analysis, You will grow based on your behavior on the field during the match.

So this system should help not only to increase stats, but also to earn perks, skill points and all the rest when playing.

You can, in fact, create a virtual football player by relying on 5 models, or models, to choose the path. Furthermore, the perks in FIFA 22 can have a significant impact on the progression of the game. These, in fact, but they affect the whole team.

To activate them, similar to what happens in shooters, they give bonuses of various kinds.

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