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Ambra Angiolini on Massimiliano Allegri: "I was really wrong"

Ambra Angiolini on Massimiliano Allegri: “I was really wrong”

They talk about bad choices in life. I Michael Hunziker And the Ambra Angiolini this is for”Michelle is impossible“They don’t want to look perfect, but they highlight their mistakes.” “Two thousand and seventeen, and now that we’re in 2022, I can say I was really wrong,” Angiolini said. The actress points to relationship With Massimiliano Allegri It ended very badly last year.

But Amber and Michelle bragged together and They compete to see who made the most mistakes. They start with the least serious mistakes, those that an eight-year-old girl can make, pass through teens and continue with those at work, in the family, as companions, as a mother, and even today as mature women. But at the end of this fight against “big mistake” Hunziker and Angiolini seem to be laughing and indifferent about all the mistakes they’ve just made. “I came here to solve – declares Amber – to tell you what I always tell you: You are a sequin, who knows how many sequins are looking at us and no one can turn them off because a small beam of light is enough to make them illuminate. Nobody can stop our sequins‘, he concludes.

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